Our services

Practice Areas

We deliver a comprehensive tax service to our national and international clients, encompassing all matters related to the proper compliance with Chile’s accounting, tax, and fiscal regulations.

We advise and support our clients with all their accounting and tax obligations at every stage of tax management, regardless of the tax regime. We particularly excel in our know-how regarding tax matters that affect regulated entities and the Chilean stock market (such as investment funds, among others).

Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients, advising and supporting them in all their tax needs, including accounting requirements, providing support and delivering added value to our clients on a permanent basis.

Accounting & Payroll Services

Start- up Accounting and early management before the tax and municipal authorities for newly established companies and funds in Chile.
Processing of accounting records according to local tax accounting standards or under IFRS standards.
Preparation and/or presentation of accounting reports.
Monthly analysis of accounting accounts allowing timely presentation of company management reports.
Back-Office / International Desk (Business Process Outsourcing / BPO).

This area includes:

Legal and banking representation.
Administration and invoicing.
Payroll and regulatory requirements associated with such matters.

Tax Compliance

We draft and provide monthly reports (withholdings) and determine the tax result for the respective month and business year (IRS).

We review and manage the Business Income Registry that Chilean entities are required to maintain, determine taxable equity, establish the rate for monthly provisional payments (monthly advance payments toward annual income tax), calculate taxable net income, and submit the annual declarations associated with income tax (DDJJs / F-22).Obtaining and updating of commercial patents (municipality), including the determination of taxable income according to the deduction of investments that are already subject to the payment of commercial patent.

Tax & Accounting Advisory

Advice and permanent consultancy service, provided in a timely manner for decision-making. Our services support our clients with local tax regulations and their compliance, providing solutions for decision making, providing answers to queries and advice or recommendations by any means required.

Our services also include support for due diligence processes, tax claims and procedures with relevant authorities and courts, transfer pricing (with the support of external valuation teams), tax reports for complex operations (merger/division), and corporate, commercial and tax planning and structuring.