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We get involved in each project that we advise providing our concrete and practical experience.

Through the HD Systems method we provide useful and rigorous evidence of compliance with Prevention Models and Compliance Plans.

We want to make a difference, and we want our certification to follow the effective testing of a risk matrix.

HD Systems Method includes the following stages: Kick off, objectives definition, background review, customer knowledge, diagnostic, gap follow-up, unforeseen audits and permanent monitoring.

Certification of Prevention Models, according to Law 20.393, on Criminal Liability of Legal Entities

In the case of Law 20.393 on Criminal Liability of Legal Entities, we apply the standards of Chilean courts, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and specific foreign legislation in some matters.

Certification process before the SERNAC of the Consumer Rights Protection Compliance Plans, according to Law. 19.496 on Consumer Rights.

Regarding Law 19.496, on Consumers and Compliance Plans, we apply the standards of Chilean courts of justice, and the guidelines of the National Consumer Service.

Post-certification follow-up

Once the certification process of the Prevention Model and/or Compliance Plan is concluded, we offer a permanent follow-up service to the certification, which translates into random tests and biannual evaluations until the next certification.